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Any questions?

I have just signed a contract with the agent what do we need to do?

Advise us of who the agent is and we will contact them directly to forward your contract details to us as soon as possible.

What time do I need to book the removalist for?

Ask them how long it takes to package your items and have them arrive to your new home from approximately 2.00pm on settlement day.

Do I need to attend settlement?

No, we do all the necessary documentation and transfer of property on your behalf.

Who notifies the Gas/Electricity/Water/Council/Revenue SA/Phone on our sale or purchase of property?

We notify all Government departments being SA Water / Council / Revenue SA. In relation to personal accounts to the property you will need to notify them of disconnection or reconnection.

Some of the many questions Bertram & Co can also advise you on:

What do strata, Torrens and community title mean?
Should we be joint tenants or tenants in common?
What happens if I get divorced or write a new will?
Can my company purchase this property?
When should I talk to my bank?
Can I access any grants, concessions or rebates?
What do the special conditions means?
Do I need any special conditions of my own?
I have made a terrible mistake, can I change my mind?

Please feel free to email us any questions you may have in relation to selling or purchasing your property.